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The HTC EVO 3D goes on sale on June 24th, and is already available on pre-order.  With the HTC EVO 3D you will be able to watch real 3D porn movies on its HD screen without the need for glasses.  How good is that?!!  Penthouse 3D already have numerous hollywood quality hardcore 3D porn movies in the correct format to play on the HTC EVO 3D.  You can download them directly or to your computer to transfer via memory card to your 3D mobile phone.  Licking, sucking, fucking – these 3D porn movies contain everything.  Take a look at a preview of one of their 3D porn videos below :

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Real 3D Porn for Mobile Phones

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This month (June) HTC EVO 3D –  the first 3D mobile phone, is released in America, with more 3D smartphones due to be released in the USA and Europe over the summer, including the LG Optimus 3D / LG Thrill 4G.

Every guy buying one of these new 3D phones will want to know only one thing – where can I download real 3D porn to watch on it?

There is currently only one site that offers mobile 3D porn movies to download and watch in the correct format for your new 3D mobile phone – 3D Sex Planet.

The good news is that 3D Sex Planet is a brilliant 3D porn site with dozens of great movies to watch on your 3D phone.  The other good news is that it is quite a simple matter to convert the movies of the following great 3D porn sites to play in the correct .MP4 format on your phone (follow instructions here) :

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